Management Consulting with ZNOSIS SOLUTIONS

Questions, Questions, Questions...

Expanding or starting a new line of business in the Asia Pacific market?

You must have a myriad of questions on your mind. Questions like: What are the opportunities for me in the market? Which countries should I start with? What is the competitive landscape? How should I get started?

Asia Pacific is a growing region with different opportunities for your business. There is China, a mammoth in the spotlight. India, another large growing country. SEA (South East Asia) the new growth engine. And not forgetting the established economics of Japan, Australia and Korea. It is indeed a complex environment to be working in. You need to find the low hanging fruit as well as the lucrative gems to build a profitable line of new business.

Critical business questions to address

You have critical business questions that need answers. Answers that will enable you to make business decisions.

A typical approach would be to start a consulting project or conduct a market research exercise. These would produce detailed results but would take months to setup and complete. And a very costly exercise as well. But most importantly, can you afford to wait? You need the ability to respond immediately to a developing market situation.

Get answers in the matter of weeks

With our light weigh consulting approach, get answers in the matter of weeks instead of months.

Speak with our domain experts, consisting of practitioners and global consultants to tap on their wealth of experience. They can provide deeper insights into business issues such as customer and market insights, and industry and technology trends.

Our domain experts are industry veterans, with 15 to 25 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region. Most of them have backgrounds spanning multiple industries, customer segments or disciplines. In addition, many of them have worked in large and complex corporate environments.

Partnership for success

Our management consulting services are tailored to help you get quick answers to your business critical questions.